Followlogie 2018Devoted to the art of being a strong follow, Followlogie creates space where men and women can work on their dance skills keeping in mind the follower perspective.

Originally taking place in Québec city in 2008, Followlogie is back to Montreal in November 2018 after few years of absence for its 5th edition.

 Get all informations by visiting our Facebook page or by visiting our website.


This event happened between 2010 and 2012, The Montreal Balboa revue was, before anything, an opportunity to explore different faces of this fantastic dance, and to venture off the beaten paths.

Even if Balboa, like all swing dances, has its roots firmly planted in social dancing and improvisation, we firmly believed this beautiful dance earned its place in the spotlight as a full and interesting form, in and of itself. This was the challenge we offered you in the Balboa Showcase, and to all the participants of the Bal Show!


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