Few Pic of Me, dancing.

EBC 2010. We got 2nd 🙂

All Balboa Weekend 2010

Balboa on the Promenade, Nice 2010

ILHC 2010

Berlin, 2009

Boston Tea Party 2010

Frenchie Balboa Festival 2009

All Balboa Weekend 2009

Modern dancing, july 2009

Québec Swing Rendez-vous 2008

Crazy people I enjoy to work with. 😉

Montréal Balboa Revue 2010

All Balboa Weekend, Cleveland, 2010

Frenchie Balboa Festival, Toulouse 2009

Albuquerque July 2010

Montréal Balboa Revue 2010

Partners! Montréal Balboa Revue 2010


Discussion Pannel, Followlogie, Québec 2008

Ladies Styling, Montréal Balboa Revue 2009

My teams ♥

Balboa Connexion, CSC 2010

Québec City Balboa Team, CSC 2007



Me Again!

2 Responses to “Photo”

  1. Ysan R.St-Amand said

    Très beau site Dom!


  2. Je suis très heureux de découvrir ce site, cette artiste du mouvement, de la danse. Bravo et magique continuité! Christian Bilodeau

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