Improvisation / Demo

Mickey and I at Lindy Focus 2010

We got 4th

Canadian Swing Championships 2009

First time Mickey and I worked and competed together. We got 2nd.

Joel and I at in Boston July 2011

Friendly demo for awesome people. 🙂

Andreas and I ILHC 2010.

First comp together and I loved it! ❤


Jeremy and I at Montréal Balboa Revue 2011

Jeremy is super easy to work with. Loved the experience.

Mikey and I at Followlogie 2011

Again, modified the routine right before being on stage because of a bad knee injury. Was releived after 3 numbers. 🙂

Tha Bal Show, Montreal Balboa Revue 2010

The same routine Davis and I got 3rd place at ABW 2010.

Balboa Connexion performing at Canadian Swing Championships 2010.

 I did put a lot of myself in this routine. Very proud of their work and proud of Mickey and I work. ♥

Balboa Connexion at Montreal Balboa Revue 2011

I might be their coach, they are the ones inspiring me.

Followlogie 2011 – Nina Roustabout


Followlogie 2011. My baby. :p

Some of the most fun weekends I have been to. 🙂


Mikey and I Swing A Dance weekend 2012

All Balboa Weekend 2007

Competing after only 8 months of working on my Balboa. Jeez. :p

2 Responses to “Media”

  1. Eric Andonoff said

    J’ai trouvé super la bande d’annonce de followlogie 2011. Elle est vraiment très bien faite. Félicitations.
    Bonne continuation.
    un français de Toulouse, copain de Bernard et Anne-Hélène, aidant à l’organisation du FBF2011 sur la Manufacture des Tabacs

    • Dominique said

      Merci Eric! La bande annonce de Followlogie 2012 est encore meilleure et va sortir bientôt. 🙂 Je te salut et espère avoir la chance de te croiser en France Bientôt!

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