August 2, 2018

Here is a little bit of who I am and what I do, where I am going and where I have been, what makes me smile and laugh, and hopefully what will inspire you.

The passion I have for dance, particularly for all forms of swing dancing, has followed me for more then 15 years now.  To communicate my passion is what makes me feel alive. I enjoy helping people around me build their dancer identity and contribute to their passion for dancing.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and visit often, there is always something new and surprising coming up!

-Mimi -xx-

Upcoming events!

Janvier 2020

  • 3-5, Chalet Staff et troupistes, Studio 88 Swing
  • 24-26, Balboa Mission, Montréal,

Février 2020

  • 7-9, Bal Moment Québec, teaching with Luis Arredondo

Mars 2020

  • 8-10, O-Town Showdown, Competition wrangler, Ottawa

May 2020

  • 15-18, Canadian Swing Championships, Trois Rivière Manager and judge

Juin 2020

  • 12-14, Down by the Riverside, Beauce, teaching with Olivier Didur

Novembre 2020

Février 2019

  • 1-3, Dig tha Feet, attending, Montréal
  • 8-10, retreat CSC

Mars 2019

  • 8-10, O-Town Showdown, Competition wrangler, Ottawa
  • 15-17, Come Around Montreal, attending and helping with competitions

May 2019

  • 17-20, Canadian Swing Championships, Manager and judge

Juin 2019

  • 7-9, Down by the Riverside, Beauce, attending

Juillet 2019

  • 27, Journée Balboa, Tempo Swing, Cédrick, Marlie et moi!

Août 2019

  • 10, Followlogie Retreat, working on next edition in QC!
  • 15-18, Great Lake Balboa Escape, competition wrangler, Chicago

Octobre 2019

Novembre 2019

Décembre 2019

  • 16, Laboratoire Solo Balboa Montréal, Qc Studio 88 Swing

Janvier 2018

  • Swing débutant, 18 janvier 18h30, Porto Swing, 150 boul. Charest Ouest.
  • Lindy 1, 18 janvier 20h, Porto Swing, 150 boul. Charest Ouest.

Février 2018

  • Dig tha Feet, 2-4 février, teaching solo class, Montréal

Avril 2018

  • Down by the Riverside, 13-15 avril, teaching with Martin Bourbeau, Beauce

May 2018

  • Canadian Swing Championships, May 18-20th, Followlogie Taster class, Trois-Rivieres

Juillet 2018

  • 17, #Followontheroad, Followlogie Taster class, Studio 88 Swing,

Août 2018

  • 10, ouverture Swing Ambassade, Meta Yoga, Lévis

Septembre 2018

  • TBA, #Followontheroad, Followlogie Taster class, Saguenay Swing

Octobre 2018

  • 12-13, Swing l’été Indien, Tempo Swing Swing,

Novembre 2018

  • Followlogie! Montréal, Qc  info

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